Suinno patent office

A patent is the property right of the inventor

Suinno patent attorneys are specialised in implementing patent strategies for companies and inventors in Finland and abroad.

Applying for a patent

The factors that set Suinno apart from the competition are speed and results.

Finnish & international patent

At Suinno, we are usually the first to apply for a patent in USA for a Finnish inventor.

Information about Suinno

When you entrust your assignment to us, your company does not need separate patent expertise in its own organization.


By entrusting your patenting process to us, your organisation will not need any additional professional patent expertise within the organisation itself.

The competitive edge of Suinno in comparison to larger firms in the industry is its broader responsibility taking, and meticulous attention to detail in Finland and abroad.  Suinno’s mission is to offer patent attorney advice that ranks among the Europe’s best in quality with high cost efficiency and short delivery times.

Patenting processes in Suinno are typically overseen by managing partner Mikko Väänänen (EPA, PhD, M.Sc & MA). In addition some parts of the processes may be subcontracted to selected subcontractors.

We abide to the general conditions concerning mandates. By entrusting your patenting process to us you approve the attached general conditions concerning mandates. The conditions are published by the association of Finnish Patent Attorneys.

Our latest news

Licensing Update

Suinno has developed a patent portfolio licensing system. The system is easy to use, and works with Dropbox Folders.

Litigation Update

Suinno has filed a first litigation 18406/2024 to UPC Paris Central Division. The Defendant is Microsoft.

UPC (Unified Patent Court) started its operations

For inventors and applicants, the unitary patent is perhaps the second most important patent in the world market, after a possible US patent. Suino already has experience with unitary patents. We are happy to tell applicants the most efficient way to proceed with a unitary patent.